Our mission

We’re striving to make Happy Home self-sustainable. Why? Because it helps us create lasting change. If we spend £500 on food for the children, it will last a month. If we spend £500 on the education a Happy Homer needs to become a farmer, it will last a lifetime.

So while we currently provide funds for immediate needs like food, water, staff and bills, our ultimate aim is to make those donations unnecessary through training and business investment – two things which the children would otherwise never have access to.

The ultimate visionary

We have a bold plan: to inspire self-sustaining communities on every continent. But this is nothing compared to Jesus’s vision for the world – which is love, peace and forgiveness for all of humanity.


That’s why everything we do at Happy Home centres around the teachings of Jesus. We believe his message gives our staff and children the tools they need to live a rewarding life, full of hope.


The food, water and shelter we provide is important – but it’s Jesus’s vision that truly gives life.

“Happy Home has been my brightest star in my darkest moments. I once felt that
life was not worth living when I lost my mum. With nobody to pay my school
fees, I was reduced to a state of no hope. When you guys came in to support me
the Lord told me, ‘it’s not over.”

John Christian, 20*

*Names have been changed for protective purposes.

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