Increasing self-sufficiency and nutrition at Happy Home

In March maize and beans were planted in readiness for the ‘long rains’ which usually arrive anytime during the month of April. These rains can threaten the crops if they are torrential however this has not materialised and only a small amount of rain has fallen. This has meant that those like happy Home who planted their crops early have done quite well with the harvest. Happy Home bean harvest is good as is the maize harvest.

Please thank God for good progress in the harvest this year.


Schools in Kenya are presently preparing to lengthen the term time that children attend school. This is to help children to catch up with their education due to the amount of time schools have had to be closed in this past year. It is expected that it will take 3 years to complete the catch-up.

Please pray for teachers and children that they will have the ability to maintain the focus required to complete this challenging task.


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