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Latest news from Kenya (August 2023)

We didn't have our regular update in July as James, the chairman of the Trustee body in Kenya, was unwell and in hospital.

Ken spoke to James on at the beginning of the month and he sounded a lot brighter than the previous two conversations that he has had with James. He says that he is feeling better and is now able to walk.

He says that he has managed to get to Happy Home and that the children, the staff and his fellow trustees are all doing well.

As part of the summer break, the children will spend 18 days at Happy Home before returning to school for their third term on 28th September.

This final term of the year sees many of the children taking exams including class 8 before going on to Secondary School.

Students in Form 4 are taking O levels or the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). They will take their practical examinations in October and their written exams in December.

James said that they hope to collect in the harvest of maize within the next week or so. He said that this year’s harvest looks to be slightly better than last year’s maize harvest.

For prayer:

James asks us to pray for those children who will be engaged in exams in this next term.

Whilst he gives thanks that "political tensions have gone down", he asks that we pray for peace in Kenya.

He also asks us to pray for the continuing development of Happy Home and, in particular, the primary school.

Continue to pray for James' health as well as the health and well-being of all of the trustees in Kenya.


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