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Latest news from Kenya (December 2023)

The chairman of the Kenyan Trustee Board, James, reported that all was well at Happy Home with the children, staff and trustees though James himself is 'struggling' with his health.

The children who have recently sat exams hope to hear their results early in the New Year.

All the children are now with their Guardian families and will remain with them through Christmas and the New Year.  They will return to Happy Home on Saturday 7th January 2024, when they will be given Christmas gifts provided by St Clements Church, Horsley, together with their school fees for the first term and travel expenses and a little pocket money.  The New school term starts on Monday 9th January.

We are planning a Zoom meeting for early in the new calendar year.

Items for Prayer:

Give thanks for the funding of Happy Home over this past 12 months and for the generosity of all of our UK donors.

Give thanks for those UK trustees and officers who are retiring after having given so selflessly of themselves over many years to improve the lives of young Kenyan orphans: thank you to David and Ann Harris, and David Wescott.

And we welcome and give thanks to God that Chris Lacey has agreed to join us as a new trustee and also as our treasurer.

And we give thanks also for our brother and sister trustees in Kenya and for the staff at Happy Home who do an amazing job all the year round.

Pray for the Guardian Families and their relationship with those orphans that have been placed with them.

Pray for those students that have recently sat exams that their results will be an encouragement to them.

Pray that we might see our income increase in 2024 despite the financial squeeze that we are all feeling in the current economic climate.


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