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Latest news from Kenya (October 2023)

Ken spoke to James earlier in the month and he was able to report that, "God is with them and keeping children, staff and trustees all strong."

Presently, they are shelling the maize, that is the removal of the kernel from the cob, to improve handling and storage of the harvest. As far as James was able to determine, he believes that they should eventually finish up with around 32 bags, which for them is slightly better than last year but a little less than the 40 bags they had hoped for.

He reported that the school at Happy Home is doing well and that Class 8 have 3 days of exams beginning 23rd to 25th October and that Form 4 begin up to 2 weeks of "practicals" commencing 25th October followed by written exams commencing in the early part of November.

When asked about his own health he said that he has good and bad days but that the medication he is on is helping him.

For Prayer:

  • Please pray for Happy Home, for the children, for the Guardian families, for the staff and the teachers.

  • Please pray also for the trustees, that they will continue to run Happy Home as God would want them too.

  • James also asks us to pray for the Kenyan economy as like here in the UK, fuel and food prices have increased enormously putting tremendous pressure on many, many families causing real hardship. A further part of Kenya's economic problem is to do with the exchange rate with the U.S. dollar.


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