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Message from Grace, one of our Happy Home graduates

Dear Sir/Madam/Happy Home Supporter,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for your generous Happy Home Orphanage Scholarship towards my education from the year 2005. It happened that my late mom used to be a Sunday school teacher and she got the chance to teach and train Happy Home Orphanage children beautiful welcoming songs for our guests. After a marvellous presentation at one point, I was welcomed to remain and join the new sponsored kids. That was sheer grace and favour. I got so lucky and my life was turned around for the best because of you. I lost my mum three years after being enrolled to the home due to post election violence in Kenya. I had earlier lost my dad so my life was entirely in the hands of Happy Home Orphanage.

I am happy and I appreciate having been selected as a recipient of your scholarship.

The financial assistance catered for my educational expenses and allowed me to concentrate on my studies despite losing my mom along the way in

2007. I became a total orphan at a young age. Above all, I'm forever grateful to the Happy Home family for always giving us a peaceful environment that nurtured us morally and made me emotionally stable to face and serve the world.

I'm thrilled to inform you that I finished my high school education in 2015 passed exceedingly well. Happy Home Orphanage held my hands again throughout Kenya Medical Training College and I graduated in 2019.

I am now a certified occupational therapist currently attached to a 1 year internship programme at Tana River County Referral Hospital. I am keen on more challenging and more impactful job opportunities.

Further on, to improve my career prospects I dream and aspire to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy medicine at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. I have immensely enjoyed the experience as an occupational therapist and I am passionate about the field. I believe that with much more education, I shall be able to make greater and more impactful changes to the people in need. Thanks to you I am a step closer to that goal.

Thank you again for always being there for for me my sponsors! Kindly receive my most earnest and best wishes to you.


Grace (not her real name)


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