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Latest news from Kenya (February 2023)

This is the latest update from the chairman (James) of the Kenyan Trustees in conversation with Ken, our own trustee of Happy Home Kenya Trust.

Ken says “I spoke to James and as always he was very positive about everything and reported that everyone associated with Happy Home were in good health.

He said that they had held a delayed Christmas celebration on Friday 20th January to which Guardians were invited. Gifts were given to the children and whilst Guardians returned home at the end of the day all the children and young people remained at Happy Home as they were going back to school on the following Monday 23 January. All schools would be following the 'New Curriculum' from 30th January.

On a more serious note James shared that at the moment the weather is very hot and dry and numerous parts of Kenya are suffering from drought, even parts of Kenya that don't normally suffer from this problem. This has led to the death of large numbers of cattle as well as other animals all of which are of great importance to their owners and therefore are an enormous loss to the people. He said that where they are, things are not so bad, as Western Kenya has a number of large lakes for water supply.

I asked James how many cattle Happy Home has and he said that they had 30 milking cows. James also reported, that of late they have been experiencing strong winds and with the dry weather this has led to heavy dust storms, as a consequence, the cattle have been finding grass to graze on hard to find. I asked if they could do anything for the cattle and he said that they could buy some kind of feed for them and then made what I think was a throw-away but telling comment as he added something along the lines of "them buying food for animals but not being able to feed themselves". I think this might have been a general comment for the state of some parts of rural Kenya, but this is conjecture on my part.

I then asked him what was next on the agenda for Happy Home and he said that they were about to begin ploughing and harrowing the land, in readiness for planting the maize crop for when the long rains hopefully begin in the middle of March. I asked if Happy Home had a tractor especially with the land being so hard and dry and he said that they hadn't but that they were able to hire one.”

For Prayer:

Please pray that all the children and young people will be able to settle back into their new classes and into the new school curriculum.

Pray also for those parts of Kenya who are experiencing drought and especially for those families who have lost animals due to the drought.

And in James's own words, "please ask for God's assistance" for those Kenyan's who are suffering from hunger and sickness due to the drought.


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