Happy Home Education Centre, Kopere

(Ed: Please note this project has been funded wholly within Kenya, no Happy Home funds from UK have been consumed , although funded buildings, facilities and staff all support the project. Bearing this in mind the project by our partners in Happy Home Kenya is an even greater achievement than might first appear)

Happy Home Education Centre, Kopere, is the name of the school which is now based in the grounds of Happy Home Orphanage. The school which only began 2 years ago has seen continued growth year on year. Last year a second classroom was created, and a second teacher employed. This year due to further demand for places at the school, a third classroom has been constructed. The school roll is now 71 children, and it is expected that this number will increase by the start of the new school year which will be 26th July. Education Officials have inspected the new classroom and have approved it for use.

Please pray that a third teacher may be found and appointed in time for the start of the new school term.

Covid 19:

Kisumu County where Kopere is situated, the site of Happy Home, had been spared large numbers of cases however the new Delta variant, first seen in India, is now making inroads into the region.

We understand all Medical and Health Care Workers and Teachers have received their vaccinations and that the Government is about to begin vaccinating all over 50’s.

Please pray for Kisumu county and other parts of Kenya that are experiencing a rise in the number of cases of Covid 19; that adequate social distancing measures are followed and vaccinations given; for the fast and effective recovery of all affected at Happy Home; that people will accept the vaccination when it is offered to them.


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