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How Happy Home is dealing with Covid-19

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Within a few days of this conversation, as a result of the COVID_19 epidemic, all schools and further education establishments in Kenya were closed (also the churches), and Happy Home along with other Community Based Organisations were instructed to return children to the care of their guardians to prevent further spread of the virus.

As a consequence, the trustees and staff of Happy Home have now arranged for each child to be visited regularly in the community to deliver such necessities as food and toiletries according to need.

The workers remain on site to look after the animals and the ‘farm’ – attending to the maize and bean crop – and to maintain security.

How long this situation is likely to last is anyone’s guess but, along with my thanks as always for your continued support, could I please encourage you to keep Happy Home in your prayers; your donations have given many disadvantaged children a future over the years, and will be needed more than ever in the coming weeks as we begin a pro- gramme of support for our vulnerable children in the community.


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