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Latest news from Kenya (April 2023)

James reported that all is well at Happy Home with the children, the staff and the trustees. He said that the long rainy season is providing them with moderate rainfall, ideal for the recently planted maize and beans.

Happy Home owns 4 milking cows a calf and a bull. James went on to explain that these cattle are confined to the grounds at Happy Home, where they graze and are watered and are not allowed to graze on the common land with the cattle belonging to the villagers of Kopere. This is to protect them, as much as is possible from picking up diseases. He then said that for the same reason, their cattle are artificially inseminated even though they have a bull. This is because the bull had been born in the home and at a later date, they would sell him when he would achieve the best price.

James said that there is political unrest in the country yet again, however it appears to be centred around Nairobi and thankfully had not impacted on them in anyway.

On a positive note, James says that they are all looking forward to Easter and that there will be big services held in the local church in Kopere on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the children and staff from Happy Home will be attending.

For Prayer:

James asks that we pray for political peace in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, and that God would make them a united nation rather than being divided.

He gives thanks for the children who are all back at school.

He asks that we pray for the schools as they settle into this new educational system that began in January of this year.

He also asks that we pray for more teachers to enter the profession as their appears to be a shortage.


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