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Latest news from Kenya (April 2024)

The schools in the region have closed for the Easter break and that the children are due back on 29th April.  The children returned to Happy Home with their School Reports before travelling on to their guardian families.  They will return to Happy Home to pick up "tickets" to show that their fees have been paid or are being carried forward to the next term.  Funding from our donors in the UK has been used to pay for the fees, but we still have a shortfall in the amount of money that we have been able to provide, hence some of the fees will be paid for in the future as new funds become available.

Maize and beans have been planted, despite all the rain that had fallen between December to March which was meant to have been the dry season, this was because they have good drainage where they are.  They have also been able to plant 3 different types of tropical trees on the two and a half acres of land that they bought separately from buying the land that the main buildings are on.   The long rains had already begun and were expected to last until June.  This means that the government have advised people living on 'lowland areas' to 'move out!’

Items for Prayer:

Thankfulness for the financial support coming from the UK.

For a good harvest of maize and beans.

For the safety of the children during their vacation this month.

For those people who live in areas that could potentially flood during the long rainy season.


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