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Latest news from Kenya (December 2022)

This is the latest update from the chairman (James) of the Kenyan Trustees in conversation with Ken, our own trustee of Happy Home Kenya Trust.

All of the secondary school children arrived back at Happy Home on Friday 2nd December except for those involved in exams over the next three weeks. Those with guardian families joined those families on the 4th December. They then came back to Happy Home on 31st December for a planned celebration and the giving of belated Christmas gifts. The children remain at Happy Home for 1 week before going on to their secondary schools.

Starting in January, Happy Home will have 31 children attending Secondary School, the highest number they have ever had. As for the school on site, they expect to begin the New Year with 80 pupils and 4 teachers. They also hope to be accredited officially sometime in January and they will be teaching the new Grade 3 Curriculum that the government are bringing in. They are also hoping that the new Ministry of Children Department will begin to refer some much younger children to Happy Home.

The beans are doing well and James is hopeful of a good harvest when the time comes to harvest them.

Politically all is calm and peaceful, nationally and locally.

For Prayer:- James asked that we would continue to pray for the well-being of everyone at Happy Home including the guardian families but especially for the children.

A final thought and one of HOPE from Ken: ‘During the course of our conversation James referred to our getting through Covid and he simply said, "God has led us through it", and it made me think, not only how true that statement is for Covid but it will be true for us all just as soon as we emerge from this scary downturn in our economy.’


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