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Latest news from Kenya (January 2024)

James was at the Orphanage together with the other trustees and all the children and young people and their guardians.  They were being welcomed back after the Christmas break to receive their gifts provided for them by St Clement's, Horsley.  The new term began on the 9th January and so they were also given their fee receipts to take back to their respective schools.  Everyone's fees were able to be paid in full thanks to the transfer they had received from us a few days earlier.  

Items for Prayer:

Continue to pray for the children, the trustees and the employees at Happy Home in Kenya. May they all be kept safe and well and continue to know God's presence in their lives.

Give thanks for all the donors and the funds raised, to allow the school fees to be paid in full.

Pray for the Guardian Families and their relationship with those orphans that have been placed with them.

Pray that we might see our income increase in 2024 despite the financial squeeze that we are all feeling in the current economic climate.


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