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Latest news from Kenya (June 2023)

James said that June is usually a very dry month but this year June has begun with some heavy rains that James said would do the crops good. He said that this additional rain would hopefully mean a better harvest come August.

The primary school that the Kenyan Trustees have opened on site has gone from strength to strength. While we are not able to provide financial support for the school, we continue to support the children, staff and trustees in our prayers. There are now three classes of children being taught with 13 children in class 1, 17 children in class 2 and 11 in class 3. In addition, there are 29 younger children in the baby class, 20 in the intermediate nursery and 19 in the final nursery. The average intake each year is 27 children.

With the support of the Kenyan trustees, we have been making a bid to the Australian government to fund 3 permanent classrooms on the site. Please pray with us for the resources to be made available to complete this construction project.


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