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Latest news from Kenya (June 2024)

Joseph said that due to prolonged rainfall and much colder weather there had been 'an outbreak of pneumonia' in the locality.  Unfortunately this has affected James, the chairman who is currently in hospital recovering from the disease.

The children are all back at school and their fees have been paid and are up to date.

They now have a few dairy cows which Joseph says provide a small income to supplement the money that we send to them each month.

Joseph went on to say that they have 3 individuals who have qualified to go to university and 1 student who has requested to do a Diploma in Education.  If anyone can help with sponsoring any of these students through their tertiary education, please get in touch.

The school on site continues to grow and is in need of an additional classroom for the Grade 5 students to occupy in January 2025.

Items for Prayer:

Joseph asked for continued prayer for the health of the Trustees, especially for James and also for Joyce and for Mary who is becoming infirm due to her age.

He also asked that we pray for the Workers at Happy Home, that they could become more productive in order for their businesses to become sustainable.

Please pray also for those children presently in Grade 4 that they will have a classroom to move in to next January.


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