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Latest news from Kenya (May 2024)

Last month James said that they had planted some trees on the land. This seemed to be an unusual crop, so we wanted to find out more and Ken asked James. He said that they grew a variety of trees, some to act as windbreaks, some soft wood for firewood, some hard wood for roof building.  He mentioned a type of Grevillea (pictured) and Blue Gum.  The Grevillea reaches up to 12-25 meters of height. Its flowers are a splashy yellow and its rich nectar attracts bees, boosting the ecosystem and encouraging plant pollination. It’s used as a windbreaker plant and allows for the formation of humus, which maintains soil humidity and improves soil quality. Blue Gum trees are native to Australia but can be grown in Africa especially in places with a Mediterranean climate. The wood tends to be used in construction for fence posts and poles.



They have had a lot of rain recently which again has caused flooding in low lying areas of Kenya. Nairobi is particularly badly affected with over 100 people killed in the region. There has been far more rainfall than what is normally expected, which has been put down to the El Niño weather phenomenon. Where they are in Kopere they are fine.


Schools reopened 29th April. However, those schools affected by floods have not reopened for the time being.  They are waiting for the Government to give them a new start date.  James could not say how many Happy Home Students are affected by the floods, if any.

Items for Prayer:

Please pray for the children and their guardians.

Pray also for Happy Home and the New School.

Pray that this flooding will not lead to poor harvests and higher food prices.

Give thanks for the generosity of UK supporters.


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