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Latest news from Kenya (October 2022)

Every month one of our trustees in the UK has a conversation with the chairman of the trustee board in Kenya. This is the latest update from the chairman (James).

Everything is well. All the school fees have been paid in full by money raised in the UK and all of the children are back at school until Christmas. Most of the children went back to school on 26th September and the remainder on the 28th September. James said that he expected school fees to increase a little next term.

The new classroom at the Happy Home site is at ground level but they are waiting to see how the finances are before going any further.

On the political level all is peaceful. The new President has visited various parts of Kenya and has been welcomed wherever he visited. President Ruto has told the Kenyan people that Kenya is in a better place than most of the countries around them and that they have been living beyond their means.

As in the UK and elsewhere, food prices as well as all kinds of goods are continuing to rise and people are starting to struggle.


Please pray for the well-being of Happy Homes' children, staff and trustees.

Please pray for Kenya's new President, William Ruto and for the economy of Kenya.


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