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Latest news from Kenya (September 2023)

All is well at Happy Home with the children, staff and trustees.

James said that the children went back to school last week on 28th August, All the children went back to their secondary schools with their school fees plus their pocket money and bus fares.

Last week they were able to harvest their maize crop and have begun to thresh it. They are hoping to finish up with very nearly 10 bags of maize which they will then store until needed later in the year.

The trustees recently met with the County and Sub County Education Officials in order to be given the necessary certification to run the primary school on the site for a further year. James was pleased to relate that everything went well and that they have now received the necessary documentation to continue educating the children.

This term will be the shortest of the three terms except for those children who will be having examinations. Classes involved in exams of one kind or another include, Class 6 who will be going up to Class 7 which is Junior School, their exams will be in November. Class 8 who will be going to Secondary school, these children will also be tested in November. Finally, Form 4 will start their Practical exams early in October before taking written exams in November.

James said that following the riots in Nairobi in recent months due to the increase in the cost of basic food items as well as some tax increases, including the doubling of VAT, the ruling party and opposition party are due to hold talks to try and find a way through this problem together in order to prevent further rioting and bloodshed.

For prayer:

  • James once again gives thanks for the generous support of UK donors.

  • He asks that we pray that the bid we have submitted to the Australian Government for new permanent classrooms might be successful.

  • He also asks for prayer for all the children that will be taking exams in the coming months. That they will all give of their best.

  • He asks that the political talks between the two main parties may be successful in order to avoid further unrest.

  • Finally, he asks that we continue to pray for Happy Home, for all who are involved with it, for its staff and trustees but especially for the children and the guardian families.


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