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Return to three-term school year

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The Kenyan Government has taken the decision that it will be the right time to return to a three-term school year from January 2023. This means that the academic year will once again revert back to a three term year running from January to December. For the past eighteen months the school year has been extended meaning that teachers and pupils alike have put in the extra hours in order that children would be able to catch up with the education that they had lost during the pandemic when schools had to close.

At Happy Home a further classroom has been added to the site in readiness to receive the next intake of young school children. This initiative has been taken by our Kenyan trustee colleagues at Happy Home. The school project is self funding, does not receive financial support from us UK donors, is well supported by the local community and we are delighted to see how it is growing year by year.


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