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School systems are changing

January 2023 saw the new Competency based Curriculum (CBC) system of education being introduced across the whole of Kenya. It is also known as the 2-6-6-3 system of education, with children having 2 years of Pre-Primary School education, followed by 6 years of primary education, then 6 years of secondary schooling. Secondary education will take the form of students spending 3 years in Lower Secondary School followed by 3 years in Upper Secondary school. Those students fortunate enough to get top grades will then be offered the chance to do a further 3 years at university or at a college, subject to having the necessary funding to support them. This of course puts orphaned children at a distinct disadvantage.

This year we have 3 Happy Home students who have gained the necessary qualifications to go on to further education, with one of the three already being offered a place on a university course. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary funding to support any of these individuals. We would value your prayers on this matter.

Happy Home’s Primary School entered its 4th year this year. It now has 2 Pre-Primary Classes, and Students in Primary school up to and including Grade 3. The school has used an existing permanent building on the site and some temporary classrooms to accommodate the children in this new school. There is now a need to replace the temporary classrooms with permanent structures to retain registration and to provide long term good quality buildings for the children and teachers.

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