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Transformation to an alternative family care model

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Further to our December article " 'Out' with Orphanages, In with community based care" Happy Homes continues to support the Kenyan Government by, where safe and possible placing orphaned children in alternative family care with Guardians and Foster Families within their birth communities. This is a change of course from placing those children into orphanages (Guidelines for the alternative family care of children in Kenya, Ministry of labour, social security and services , 2014). There is still a role for organisations like Happy Home to fund education and support for children living in the community and for those children for whom there are no safe options for care in the community. The Department for Children’s Services has been charged with the overhaul responsibility of bringing about this change. Our understanding is that the Department for Children’s Services will have responsibility for these children and young people until they complete their Secondary School education.

Happy Home also holds responsibility for the children and young people in its care until they complete their Secondary School Education. However, they also continue to keep in touch with those who leave its care and not only know where they are living but are always willing to offer help and support to any former Happy Homer should they request it.


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